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Our Story

Hi, my name is Reema. I am the founder of the Lotion Bar Co.

In my past life (before I started my company), I was an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. I came to Australia to become a public health professional, so I could work in preventative women's health. (Didn’t really go to plan, did it?)

I had a challenging personal journey before I came to Australia. Then I met my husband. And my life changed (a bit of a love story right there). He has been my pillar of strength through it all.

My decision to give up my previous profession was not an easy or quick one, especially after spending more than 10 years doing it. This journey started as a stay-at-home mum to a little person who had taken over our lives (like our little people do).

Fast forward a few years, and here I am putting myself in front of you as the founder of a skincare brand, and not as a doctor/ public health professional, as planned.

The Lotion Bar Co was born out of the search for simple, honest skincare products for my little girl. I was putting in a lot of effort to take care of what she eats but felt I was not doing enough for her skincare. The skin is after all the biggest organ of our body.

I believe health is holistic. I will take the liberty to say that because I am a doctor. I also believe that we need to be kind to our bodies, our spirit and our environment. This will then set us up for a healthy future.

We are hoping to achieve this goal by creating awareness and taking action, a few steps at a time.

At the Lotion Bar Co we try to bring you the best of nature's treasures for healthy and beautiful skin in its purest form. We use the best quality raw ingredients, always bearing in mind that our actions don't cost the earth.

Our products are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Where warranted we only use natural and safe preservatives, thus maintaining the clean and green promise of our products.

We lovingly handcraft (most) of our products. This means that there may be minute variations in the appearance of the products but the quality is the same and is always high.

We have created the best possible products, ready to be used. But we can't make everything. So, we would like YOU to create that something special for yourself (and have it named after you). For this purpose we have set up the ingredients page for you to browse through and get in touch with us with any queries and requests.

We are hoping to bring you along with us on this beautiful journey, sharing experiences and stories.

See you soon,