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Hi, I’m Reema, the founder of the Lotion Bar Co.

I love yoga, meditation, reading, making beautiful skincare and trying new things.

I am often referred to as reliable, outgoing, friendly and easy going. 

In my past life ( before I started Lotion Bar Co), I was an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist. I came to Australia to become a public health professional, so I could work in preventative women's health.

My decision to give up my previous profession was not an easy or quick one, especially after spending more than 10 years doing it. This journey started as a stay-at-home mum to a little person who had taken over our lives (like all our little people do).

I am passionate not just about what I do but also how I do it. I always try to act from place of grace and intention, be it being an obstetrician in the labour ward, being a mother (And no, I don’t have it all together) or making skincare.

I believe that we have everything we need is inside us and we just need to be guided to shine our light. I assume positive intent in everything that I come across.

If you ask me what I dream for Lotion Bar Co., I would unshakenly say, to make people feel beautiful in their own skin. 


5 things about me:

  1. I am a Tea 'snob'. I can drink endless cups of tea, if made correctly with the right kind of leaves (loose leaves, no tea bags for me) and milk, and is strong enough (I know!!)
  2. My life hacks are Yoga, Meditation and Intermittent fasting
  3. My favourite outfit : The Mekhela Saador ( Assamese traditional attire. I come from Assam, the tea state of India)
  4. I am certified Kids yoga teacher
  5. My favourite quote: “I am mostly Peace, Love , and Light. And a little, Go F*** Yourself!”

I am crazy, loving, sassy, kind, adventurous and a dreamer. I think we all are!





Hi, I am a Lotion Bar ( or to be fancy! Camellia and Mango Butter Bar). I haven’t been named aptly (like most of you, I assume) because I’m not really a Lotion*. I am made of butters (not the the kind you put on toast). But vegetable butters like Shea butter, etc. And in my case, Mango Butter, wax, and oils.

I was the first product made by Reema followed by a softie version of me, a balm (The Bubbybeez Baby Balm). So, I think I have earned the privilege of introducing us to you.

We are lovingly handcrafted by Reema ( She does go crazy at us sometimes, but mostly lovingly). She started making me because she was looking for a natural product to use on Norah (and I also think she had a lot of time on her hands!!)

Reema believes health is wholistic, and that we need to be kind to our bodies, our spirit and our environment. This will then set us up for a healthy future.

We are all hoping to achieve this goal by creating awareness and taking action, a few steps at a time.

At the Lotion Bar Co., we are all made using best quality raw ingredients, always bearing in mind that our actions don't cost the earth. 

With the intention to bring you the best of nature's treasures for healthy and beautiful skin, in their purest form, we are all free of harmful chemicals and preservatives (WE’VE BOYCOTTED THE NASTIES!!)

Where warranted, you may find natural and safe preservatives, thus maintaining our clean and green promise. But don’t worry, you can learn about all that in our Ingredients section.

As we are all handcrafted, You may be minute variations in our appearance but we are in no way compromised in quality. We have all been packaged in environmentally friendly, recyclable bottles, jars and tins ( and the odd push tube!)

We are confident that we can bring out the best in your skin (We do have some over achievers amongst us.) We are going fun places and we’d love for you coming along for the ride.

Till we meet (again),

“Lotion” Bar ( aka Camellia & Mango Butter Bar)

* Just to make myself clear - Lotions are emulsions. I’m (normally) not an emulsion. But I am awesome, smooth, nourishing, and divine. And I don’t leak and make a mess (win-win).

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