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Product FAQs

Not all. The products that have water in them need a preservative to inhibit bacterial growth and make them safe to use.

Oil based products don’t need preservatives if they are kept away from water at all time. Oils tend to turn rancid (smell bad). This might render them ineffective. To prevent the oils in the products from turning rancid, we add antioxidants like Vitamin E and Rosemary antioxidant.

Always use spoon or spatula to take the products from a jar. Keep the products dry ( away from water).

For example: BODY SCRUBS should be used on dry skin. There are two benefits of doing so. First, the skin will get the maximum benefits from the oils ( as the oils will melt into the skin and not wash away). Second, the products will self preserve ( it will not need preservatives).

Preferably not. Body Scrubs are coarser than the facial scrubs and might scratch the skin on the face, which is much thinner than the skin on the rest of the body.

We always recommend a PATCH TEST before you start any new skin regime/product, specially if you have very sensitive skin or aren’t sure if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

In general, our products are hypoallergenic but individuals with an allergic tendency should always practice caution.

PATCH TEST: Use a little amount on the inner side of the elbow. wait for 24 hours and look for any adverse reactions. In case of adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately. Wash area completely of product. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

We recommend using the Cleansing oil once a day, preferably at night. Our Cleansing Oil cleans deeply by opening the pores and removing all signs of dirt or make-up. In the morning, washing with plain water is enough.

Excessive deep cleaning can dry out the skin as it strips off the skins oils along with the dirt and make-up. It may take a while to get used to using only water in the morning but the skin will feel great after a month or so - and the time saved is a bonus!

If needed, a double cleanse can be done at night along with the Cleansing oil. Use the cleansing oil as recommended and then immediately follow with another cleanser like a clay based one or foaming wash.

It is important to avoid using a cleanser in the morning.