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Imagine a subscription box that delivers natural and safe beauty products to you every month. Picture a natural skincare routine at home without the stress and fuss of facing the shops.

That’s what the VedaBox does for you. The VedaBox isn’t samples that you might never use. It isn’t a haphazard group of products you can buy anywhere.

The VedaBox is a carefully curated collection of natural products guaranteed to set you on the path to the skin you want. It’s your simple, daily skincare routine, delivered right to your door every month. Natural ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and bonuses every month that will see your skin glowing.

No more time consuming trips to the shops needed. No more wasted hours standing in front of a myriad of products and not knowing what to choose.

curated natural skincare





Hi, I'm Reema. I’m a Mum, a skin coach and founder of the Lotion Bar Co. I am on my way to becoming a face yoga teacher and a mindfulness coach.

I’ve been making skincare for five years. I am passionate about natural skincare products and have helped lots of busy women get naturally healthy and glowing skin with simple skincare products and routines.

We are about to release our first limited edition, luxury, beauty box, the VedaBox, and because the pack will have exclusive bonus elements that won’t be offered again, we’re limiting the number of boxes to 50.

We will be launching the Vedabox in October. If you think you are ready for this journey, please click the button below to join the wait list.

If you wish to be a part of our very first Unboxing, please get in now. As a founding member, you will also have backstage access to our journey and be an integral part in setting the vibe of our community.

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