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Think true beauty can't be boxed?

Imagine a subscription box that delivers natural, non-toxic beauty products to you every month and a skincare routine you can easily implement at home without the stress and fuss of facing the shops.

That’s what the VedaBox does for you.

The VedaBox isn’t samples that you might never use or a haphazard collection of skincare. It contains carefully curated products for your simple daily skin care routine, guaranteed to set you on the path the skin you want.

It is skincare knowledge delivered right to your door every month. No more wasted hours standing in front of a myriad of products at the shops and not knowing what to choose.

curated natural skincare





Hi, I'm Reema,

I’m a Mum, a skin coach and founder of the Lotion Bar Company, and a face yoga teacher.

I’ve been making skincare for five years and have helped lots of busy women get naturally healthy and glowing skin with simple skincare products and routines. I’ve found that women of all ages can not just feel comfortable, but fall in love with their skin again.

Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of being mentored by some of the best mindfulness and self-help experts and coaches. Being around these individuals has made my journey more exciting, informed and abundant in every way.

I am now ready to show you how this skincare journey can be fun, easy and rewarding. How a healthy mindset, the right support system and a simple routine makes all the difference in how we look, feel and carry ourselves.


The VedaBox makes your skincare routine simple and easy. As well as containing the key products you will need, it provides tricks, tips, tools and practices to help look after your skin in the most natural way possible. The VedaBox is the skin you’ve dreamed of having. In a box.

So why choose VedaBox?

Because you deserve to feel beautiful in your own skin. Because self-care should be convenient and easy in this busy world. Because natural beauty deserves a natural skincare routine. And it doesn’t need to be hard.

Are you ready to embark on this beautiful journey?

Are you ready to become part of a community of like-minded people who are sharing their beauty successes, hacks and even failures?

You see, the secret ingredient that makes the VedaBox different to any other box you’ve tried before, is our online community. As a subscriber, you’ll become an instant member of this space. And our community is the type of place where you feel nurtured and supported. Be free to be your true self and feel good about it.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to be a part of a community like that, to feel part of a group where I could bare my heart and soul and be received with love and care. I don’t believe that such a space exists which is why I’m building it and why I’m asking you to join me on the journey.

As a VedaBox member, you’ll get your monthly box plus access to this amazing group where I will share my knowledge of face yoga, mindfulness and no-fail skincare tips. You will have direct support from me.

What's in the VedaBox?

- Three products curated to your skin type that will help you achieve that inner healthy glow you're longing for
- Fun and easy-to-do worksheets, games, guides and challenges that will deepen your understanding of the skin you’re in
- Bonus accessories to complement your skincare and self-care practice
- Exclusive bonus items every month.

All this awesomeness comes packaged in an eco-friendly and reusable box that can be re-gifted to others you love. As a valued member of the VedaBox family you’ll also get:

- At least two sample products each month
- Access to our private Facebook community where we will share tips, tricks, recent updates and stories around skin and skincare.

How does the VedaBox work?

Subscriptions open between the 1st and the 15th of a month, every month. A waitlist will be available for those who wish to join outside these dates.

At Lotion Bar Co we take the responsibility of looking after your skin seriously. We want to make your membership a luxurious experience so opening times are limited, enabling us to be present in the closed group and offer guidance and support to members.

This is about you achieving the skin you’ve dreamed of.


Our guarantee

We are confident that the VedaBox works 100% of the time when you show up with consistency and apply it with 100% effort. However, we will accept returns and refunds in the rare case that you are unhappy with the products.

There is no lock-in contract.

We are serious about you being happy and radiant and making sure that I am the right guide with the right products for you!

If you decide that we are not the right fit you can walk away at any time. Simply send us an email and request to leave the VedaBox membership.

We won’t kick up a fuss as we remove you from the inner circle and say thank you and good luck in finding the right journey for you.

This IS for you IF you:

- have been secretly wishing for a skincare fairy godmother
- have always wanted to feel like a natural goddess
- have outgrown short-term benefits of products and didn’t know how to make your skin results last
- don’t want guidance around healthy skincare to end
- want ongoing support with updated information and support
- are open-minded and looking for a support system of like-minded women
- are ready to say goodbye to the critical voice in your head that keeps you feeling ordinary.

This IS NOT for you IF you are:

- looking for a DIY skincare course
- after quick fixes when it comes to skincare
- looking for medical expertise.

Is this box membership for a particular age group?

The VedaBox is created for the natural skincare lover in mind. Whether you are new to natural skincare and don’t know know where to start or are an expert in natural skincare products and want to establish a wholistic skincare routine. Age is not a barrier for the VedaBox because the products are curated depending on skin type and age.

I don’t know what my skin type is, so how will I decide my box?

Easy. We will send you a 'skin assessment' quiz when you join the waitlist. This will give you time to assess your skin type before you choose your box.

I am already time poor. Will the routine take up a lot of time?

We have worked out a short and simple skincare routine that can be done in around 5 minutes. With time, the steps of the routine will flow easily and become second nature.

The trainings in the facebook group will be available for you do whenever you have time.

What if I have questions around my skin. Will they be answered?

Yes. There will be live monthly Q&A sessions where I will answer all questions collected throughout the month. This will also be an opportunity to leverage the experience of others.

What can I expect inside the membership once I join?

I will always be adding the latest information around natural skin care products, tools, exercises, and so on.

Unlike a course or training, you will have access to all recorded content and fresh content as long as you choose to remain a member.

I have had plastic surgery or botox, is VedaBox still for me?

If you wish to maintain the health of your skin naturally, regardless of what you have used in the past, then the VedaBox is for you.

You will be receiving natural, effective skin care products and processes that will help to improve and maintain the health of your skin.