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Nourishing Face Oil



A light oil to moisturise normal skin, the Nourishing Face Oil effectively retains moisture on the skin and improves skin texture and tone. It gives long lasting moisturisation without heaviness and oiliness.

Suited to  Normal skin
Skin feel Moisturised, soft, supple
Texture Silky, light and quick absorbing oil
Aroma Earthy, citrus with hint of sweetness
Character Uplifting



A perfect blend of oils that are rich in oleic acid and linolenic acid. The Nourishing Face Oil regenerates new skin cells making your skin smooth and supple. It softens dry areas, smooths rough patches and locks moisture onto the skin. It soothes skin and reduces irritation, inflammation and dryness.

Normal skin is naturally balanced and needs minimal care. It has good structural integrity and simply needs a well-rounded product to maintain it. The blend of oils in the Nourishing Face Oil provides the protection and hydration your skin needs to stay healthy.

- Regenerating plant oils that protect and repair your skin

- Kukui nut oil  is absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and helps with a variety of skin conditions like acne, dry skin condition, scars and sunburn

- Perilla seed oil nourishes dry skin. It repairs and soothes skin while maintaining the skin barrier and thus preventing moisture loss

- Olive leaf maintains the integrity of cell membranes and protects against damage due to over-exposure to sun and pollutants

- Essential oils that promote healthy and radiant skin

- Petitgrain relieves fatigue, stress and nervous tension

- Vitamin E and vitamin C provide potent antioxidant protection

- Skin repairing peptides that promote collagen production giving your skin a plump and smooth appearance.


Store in cool place, away from direct sunlight and heat.

Always wear sunscreen during the day.

Please note:

This is a potent natural product. Please do a patch test before use. Please do not use if you are aware of an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Suitable for Vegans


Use a little amount on the inner side of the elbow. Wait for 24 hours and look for any adverse reactions. In case of adverse reactions, discontinue use immediately. Wash area completely of product. If symptoms persist, consult a healthcare professional.

TIP - goes well with:

Refreshing Face Mist Lavender & Bilberry Refreshing Face Mist (normal skin)
Cleansing Oil (Normal skin) Face Cleansing Oil (normal skin)
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