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Skincare Tester packs


Skin Type

Our Skincare Testers packs are curated by Skin type.

Thoughtfully formulated to suit your skincare needs, these products will nourish and heal your skin making it resilient to changes of season, lifestyle, or anything that life throws at you.

Each pack contains:

1 Face Cleansing oil (15ml)

1 Cream Cleanser or Powder Cleanser

1 Face Mist (5ml)

1 Face Oil (5ml)

1 Night treatment oil (5ml)

3 Face mask powders (5g each)

1 Olive Face Silk (5g)

1 Face Balm (5g)

1 Face Scrub Cream (5g)

1 Gel / Cream face masque (5ml)

1 Face round


Skincare Tester Pack (Normal skin)

Skincare Tester pack (Oily Skin)

Skincare Tester Pack (Combination/Acne-prone skin)

Skincare Tester Pack (Dry Skin)

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