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Lotion Bar

2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner bar for all hair types



Do you have frizzy or fly-away hair but don't want to use a conditioner? Are you an all-in-one single hero product kinda person? And you simply love the ease of it. 

This 2-in-1 conditioning shampoo and body bar will help return your mane to its former soft, manageable glory.

- Cacao butter helps restore moisture, prevent breakage and replenish oils

- Green tea extract soothes dryness, reduces dandruff and fortifies strands to stimulate growth

- Yucca root prevents hair loss and dandruff

- Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth

- Bamboo strengthens your hair and adds shine

- Geranium oil nourishes your hair and reduces hair loss

- Hydrolysed Baobab is a conditioner and antioxidant that protects your scalp and hair against environmental damage

- Brassicyl Isoleucinate Esylate and Brassica Alcohol - A plant based cationic surfactant. It makes your hair silky and frizz free.

This conditioning bar delivers all the benefits for your hair to your skin too. Think less skin irritation and more moisture for smooth, even skin tone that feels great after a shower.


How often should I wash my hair?
Once a week is enough to wash your hair. By washing less frequently, your hair will retain more of its natural oils. To prevent excess buildup of grease between washes, reduce your use of styling products that may attract grime. As your hair improves in health, you’ll find that fewer styling products are needed. Increase to washing twice per week if necessary.

How long does it last?
A single bar will last for 80 washes. If you only wash your hair with it weekly, it will last well over a year. If you use it as a daily body wash, it will still last more than two months.

Which bar should I use for colour treated hair?
If you have coloured hair, try the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioning Bar or the Shampoo Bar for Dry Hair. Coloured hair tends to be more porous and can be prone to dryness, which is why both these soap bars will suit dyed hair.

Do I need to wash my hair twice?
Once is enough unless you’ve had a mud bath or your hair is drenched in chlorine.

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