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(COMBINATION SKIN) Skincare tester pack

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This Tester pack is curated for Combination or acne prone skin types. 

Just the right ones to tame that wild skin. These products nourish your skin while heal your blemishes from within. They also help lay the right foundation for the future of clear and radiant skin.

This pack contains:

Face Cleansing oil (Oily skin)

Gentle Face Cleanser

Face Scrub Cream

Hydrating & Brightening facial Essence

Healing Face Oil

Radiance Night Treatment

Olive Face Silk

Face Balm

Herbal Clay Face Mask 

How to use your tester pack:

Start with the 4 essential products in your pack.

1. Face Cleansing oil - Take required amount and massage in a circular motion for 1-3 minutes or till all makeup has dissolved. Wipe off with a warm damp cloth. 

2. Hydrating & Brightening facial Essence - After cleansing, take 1-2 pumps of the essence and apply on face and neck. Follow with Face oil.

3. Healing Face oil - After cleansing and misting, apply 2-3 drops onto face and neck. Use once/twice daily alone or along with your favourite moisturising products.

4. Radiance Night Treatment - After cleansing and misting, apply 1-2 drops onto face and neck. Use at night, alone or along with your favourite moisturising products.

If your skin feels dry you can add the Olive Face Silk to your daytime routine and the Face Balm to your night time routine.

If you want extra cleansing you may do a double cleanse with the Gentle Face Cleanser. The Gentle Face Cleanser can also be used as a stand alone cleanser instead of the Face Cleansing oil on days when you don't wear make-up.

The Face Scrub Cream is to be used once a week. If you're wearing make-up, remove it first with the cleansing oil and then use the scrub cream. Otherwise, the Face Scrub cream can be used as a standalone cleanser and exfoliant. 

The powdered face mask may be used once a week.

NOTE: This pack will help you decide which products work best on your skin and the ones you really love.